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Steyr ADGZ

ADGZ in the Sudetenland, 1938

Type Armored car
Place of origin Austria
Service history
Used by Austria

Nazi Germany

Wars World War II
Production history
Manufacturer Steyr
Weight 12 tons
Length 6.26m
Width 2.16m
Height 2.56m
Crew 6

Armor 11mm


20mm KwK 35 L/45 (with 100 rounds) or 45 mm wz. 1932 (19-K) (T-26 model 1933 turret)


3 x 7.92mm MG34 or 2 x 7.92mm MG34 and 1 x DT machine gun
Engine Austro-Daimler M612, 6-cyl, 12 lit


Suspension wheel


Speed 70km/h

The Steyr ADGZ was originally developed as a heavy armored car for the Austrian army (its designation was "M35 Mittlere Panzerwagen") from 1934 and delivered from 1935-37.


[2][3]ADGZ in Danzig, 1939The Austrian army was using the ADGZ armored car at the time of Anschluss. 12 were used by the army and 15 were used by the police. The Germans used them for police work and some were taken on by the SS and used on the Eastern front and in the Balkans.

The SS ordered an additional 25 ADGZ which were delivered in 1942. An interesting feature of this vehicle was that there was no "rear:" either end was capable of driving the unit.

SS Heimwehr Danzig used ADGZ armored cars during the defense of the Polish Post Office in Danzig on September 1, 1939.

After the invasion of the USSR a few ADGZ armored cars were rearmed with turrets from the Soviet T-26 model 1933 light tank.[citation needed]

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