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ANZAC Squadron
Active February 12 – March 30, 1942
Country Australia

New Zealand United States

Allegiance Allies of World War II
Branch Navy
Type Multinational naval warship support
Role Defense of Australia and Commonwealth territories
Engagements Battle for Australia

New Guinea Campaign



John Gregory Crace

The ANZAC Squadron, also called the Allied Naval Squadron, was an Allied naval warship task force which was tasked with defending northeast Australia and surrounding area in early 1942 during the Pacific Campaign of World War II. The squadron, consisting of cruisers and destroyers from the navies of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States was formed on February 12, 1942 under the command of Royal Navy Rear Admiral John Gregory Crace. The squadron was part of the ANZAC Force under the overall command of United States Navy Vice Admiral Herbert Fairfax Leary.

On 9 March, the squadron, as part of Task Force 11 known as Task Group 11.7, covered the Louisiade Archipelago, securing the right hand flank of Task Force 11 and Task Force 17 for the attack on Lae and Salamaua due to the Imperial Japanese invasion of Lae-Salamaua, New Guinea and also covering a Port Moresby reinforcement convoy. On April 22, 1942, the ANZAC Force was absorbed by the South West Pacific Area (command) under United States Army General Douglas MacArthur and the ANZAC Squadron was redesignated as Task Force 44.

Ships of the Task ForceEdit


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