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Ain M'lila Airfield


Part of Twelfth Air Force
Type Military Airfield
Coordinates 36°00′19″N 006°34′22″E / 36.00528°N 6.57278°E / 36.00528; 6.57278 (Ain M'lila Airfield)
Built 1942
In use 1942-1943
Controlled by United States Army Air Forces

Ain M'lila AirfieldLocation of Ain M'lila Airfield, AlgeriaAin M'lila Airfield is an abandoned World War II military airfield in Algeria, located approximately 17 km north-northwest of Aïn Kercha in Oum el Bouaghi province, about 50 km south-southeast of Constantine. It was built by the Army Corps of Engineers on a flat, dry lakebed at an altitude of 2580 feet, designed for heavy bomber use by the United States Army Air Force Twelfth Air Force during the North African Campaign with concrete runways, hardstands and taxiways. Billeting and support facilities consisted of tents. Due to its high altitude, the days were hot and the nights cold. Known units which operated from Ain M'lila were:

The Americans pulled out in the summer of 1943, heading to their new bases around Foggia, Italy and Ain M'lila was abandoned. The engineers dismantled what they could and the airfield was reclaimed by the desert. Today only faint traces can be seen on aerial photography.


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