On April 1, several events happened.


On this day, Adolf Hitler was sentenced to jail for his participation in the Beer Hall Putsch, a failed attempt to overthrow the German government. In jail, he writes his biography, Mein Kempf, which was published later in his life. However, Hitler only served 9 months.


Today, the Nazis, which were recently elected, start a boycott against Jewish businesses


The Spanish Civil War ends, with Naturalists troops winning. Spain becomes a Fascist state, with Fransisco-Franco as the headquarters.


Polish officers are massacred by USSR, somewhere in Germany.


British troops retreat out of Libya, after losses at El Aghelia. Lieutenant-General Erwin Rommel is surprised, but continues the offensive.

Also, pro-German Rashid Ali and other members of the "Golden Square", stage a coup d'etat in Iraq. It is succesful, and Ali names himself chief of the "National Defense System"


Allies continue to trap Germans into the corner of Tunisia.

The seaport of Sfax is bombed.


US Troops start Operation Iceburg, the Battle of Okinawa.

US Troops retake a city in the Phillipines from the Japanese.

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