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Battle of Trebeshina
Part of the Greco-Italian War
Date 29 January – 17 February 1941
Location Mount Trebeshinë, Albania
Result Greek victory
[1] Kingdom of Greece Italy

The Battle of Trebeshina (Greek: Μάχη της Τρεμπεσίνας) was fought between the Greek and Italian armies in southeastern Albania during the Greco-Italian War. Following the Greek capture of the strategic Këlcyrë/Klisura Pass on 10 January the Italians attempted to recover it by launching counter-attacks against the Greek II Army Corps (1st, 15th and 11th Infantry Divisions). II Corps, reinforced with the Cretan 5th Infantry Division from III Corps, repulsed the Italian attack by January 29 and then went on to push towards the Mount Trebeshinë/Trebeshina massif. Against stiff resistance, 5th Division captured Trebeshina on 2 February, and the 15th Division captured the village of Bubeshi. The operations were completed by 17 February, when the entire mountain range was in Greek hands. The Greek positions there were subject to the main force of the subsequent Italian Spring Offensive in early March, but they held until the Greek withdrawal south following the German invasion of Greece on 6 April.

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