[2][3]Edelweiss cap badge of the Gebirgsjäger
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General der Gerbirgstruppe (Literally: General of the Mountain Troops) was a rank of German Army General introduced by the Wehrmacht in 1940.

Mountain Infantry (Gebirgsjäger) Generals were identifiable by their edelweiss sleeve and cap insignia and the mountain cap (bergmütze) worn instead of the peaked cap of officers from other branches of the Wehrmacht. In October 1942 an order was issued that general officers should have gold piping around the crown of the cap to distinguish them more readily from other ranks.

The rank was equivalent to the long established General der Kavallerie, General der Artillerie and General der Infanterie. The Wehrmacht also introduced General der Panzertruppe (armoured troops), General der Pioniere (engineers), General der Fallschirmtruppen (parachute troops) and General der Nachrichtentruppen (communications troops).


[hide] *1 List of officers who were General der Gebirgstruppe

List of officers who were General der GebirgstruppeEdit


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