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Lourmel Airfield


Part of Twelfth Air Force
Type Military airfield
Coordinates 35°17′05.84″N 002°56′30.02″W / 35.2849556°N 2.9416722°W / 35.2849556; -2.9416722
Built 1942
In use 1942-1943
Controlled by United States Army Air Forces

Lourmel AirfieldLocation of Lourmel Airfield, AlgeriaLourmel Airfield is an abandoned military airfield in Algeria, located in the El Amria area.

During World War II it was a civil airport seized by the United States Army during the Operation Torch landings in November 1942. After its capture from the Vichy French, it was used by the United States Army Air Force Twelfth Air Force 61st Troop Carrier Group during the North African Campaign.

The 61st flew C-47 Skytrain transports from the airfield from 15 May-21 June 1943


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