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The Medal of Merit for National Defence (Polish: Medal Za Zasługi dla Obronności Kraju) is a decoration of the Ministry of National Defence of Poland. Established 21 April 1966 and revised in 1991, the medal recognizes meritorious service which strengthens the military of the Republic of Poland. Members of the Polish military and civilian employees are eligible for this medal.[1] The equivalent award that is presented to foreign nationals is the Polish Army Medal.

Medal of Merit for National Defence

Medal Za Zasługi dla Obronności Kraju


[2] Obverse and reverse of the silver medal

Awarded by [3] Minister of National Defence
Country Poland
Type Three class medal
Eligibility Polish military personnel and civilian employees of the military
Awarded for Meritorious activities to strengthen military power of the country.
Established 21 April 1966
Next (higher) Medal of the Armed Forces in the Service of the Fatherland
Equivalent Polish Army Medal
Next (lower) Medal for Merit to the Police
Related Long Service Medal

Ribbon bar for the gold medal [5] Ribbon bar for the silver medal [6] Ribbon bar for the bronze medal


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