Order of the Chrysanthemum

大勲位菊花章 Dai-kun'i kikka-shō

Order of the Chrysanthemum of Victor Emmanuel III. Musée de la Légion d'Honneur
Awarded by the Emperor of Japan
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign HIM The Emperor
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Collar

Grand Cordon

Established 1876
Next (higher) None; highest.
Next (lower) Order of the Paulownia Flowers
Ribbon of the Order

The Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum (大勲位菊花章 Dai-kun'i kikka-shō?, literally Grand Order of the Badge of the Chrysanthemums) is Japan's highest order. The Grand Cordon of the Order was established in 1876 by Emperor Meiji of Japan; the collar of the Order was added on January 4, 1888. Although technically the order has only one class, it can either be awarded "with collar," meaning on a chain, or "with grand cordon," accompanied by a sash. Unlike its European counterparts, the order may be conferred posthumously.

The collar of the order is awarded only posthumously, except for the reigning emperor, who automatically holds the rank. Exceptions are made for foreign heads of state, who can be awarded the collar as a sign of friendship.

The grand cordon is the highest possible honor a Japanese citizen can be awarded during his lifetime. Aside from the imperial household, only three grand cordons have been awarded to living citizens and eleven to the deceased.

The badge of the order is a four-pointed gilt badge with white enameled rays; the center bears a red enameled sun disc. On each of the four corners of the badge there is a yellow-enameled chrysanthemum blossom with green enameled chrysanthemum leaves. The badge is suspended on a yellow-enameled chrysanthemum, either on the collar or on the grand cordon.

The star of the order is similar to the badge, but in silver, without the chrysanthemum suspension, and with an eight-pointed gilt medallion (with white enameled rays and red enameled sun disc) placed at the center. It is worn on the left chest.

The grand cordon of the order is red with dark blue border stripes. It is worn on the right shoulder.

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Grand Cross


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