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[1][2]Krzyż PartyzanckiThe Partisan Cross (Polish: Krzyż Partyzancki) was a Polish military decoration, awarded to World War II partisans (part of resistance movement fighting in the countryside). It was introduced by the Council of Ministers on October 26, 1945.

It was awarded to organizers, commanders and members of partisan units who fought against Germans on a Polish territory, or to Poles who fought in partisan units in the USSR, Yugoslavia and France, or to foreigners, who fought in partizan units on a Polish territory. It could be given also to cities or villages, that distinguished themselves in supporting the partisan movement.

It was awarded first by the Ministry of Defence, from 1952 by the Council of State, from 1989 by the President of Poland. It ceased to be awarded in 1999. About 55,000 Partizan Crosses were awarded.

The Cross is a gold-plated Greek cross with thin arms, 38 x 38 mm. Obverse shows the eagle in the centre (the Polish coat-of-arms) and an inscription: "ZA – POLSKĘ – WOLNOŚĆ – i LUD" (For Poland, Liberty and People) on arms. The reverse bears the horizontal inscription "PARTYZANTOM" (To partizans), and the date "1939" on an upper vertical arm and "1945" on a lower arm. A ribbon is dark green, 35 mm wide, with black strips 7 mm wide, near both edges.

In an order of precedency, the Partisan Cross was worn after Cross of Valour.

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