[1][2]Witold ŁokuciewskiWitold "Tolo"Łokuciewski (b. 2 February 1917, Novocherkassk – 17 April 1990, Warsaw) was a Polish fighter ace of the Polish Air Force in World War II.

Born in Russia of Polish parentage in 1912, he joined the Polish Air Force in 1936, graduating in 1938 and was posted to 112.Eskadra Myśliwska (112th Fighter Escadrille). He made several claims in September 1939, escaping to Romania and then to France. During May 1940 he claimed one bomber victory with an MS 406 local defence flight, and then made his way to the UK to join the Royal Air Force. A member of the No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron, Łokuciewski saw considerable action through 1940–41. His pseudonym was "Tolo".

As a flight commander he was shot down over France on 13 March 1942 and captured by the Germans. He took part in The Great Escape in 1944, but was recaptured.

He became commanding officer of 303 Squadron in February 1946, until the unit disbanded in December. He was credited with 9 (and 1 shared) kills, and 4 probable kills.

When he returned to Poland in 1947 he was imprisoned by the Communist authorities, and on release worked as a taxi driver in Warsaw. He joined the Polish Air Force in 1956, rising to senior rank. In 1969–71 he was the Polish Military Attache in London. He retired in 1974 and in 1989 stood as a parliamentary candidate to the Sejm (lower house) in the first post-communist elections.


[3] Virtuti Militari, Silver Cross [4] Cross of Valour (Poland), three times [5] Polonia Restituta, Knight's Cross [6] Polonia Restituta, Commander's Cross [7] Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom)

Croix de Guerre (France)


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