Below is a list of military awards, fo both the Allies and Axis.

Soviet Union Edit

The Hero Of The Soviet Union award was awarded to Soviets who achieved great heroic feats during the war. It was the highest acclaimed award in Soviet, military history.

Known Winners of The "Hero Of The Soviet Union"Edit
  1. Nikolai Melnik---A Soviet pilot who placed radiation censors throughout Chernobyl, after the 1986 disaster.
  2. Hamazasp Babadzhanian---A Soviet that led a Soviet brigade in the retaking of the Dniester River
  3. Lavrenty Beria---A Soviet former chief of NKVD and MVD
  4. Mikhail Devyataev---A Soviet that escaped from A German concentration camp, with crucial evidence on German attacks.
  5. Yuri Gagarin---A Soviet that became the first human to orbit the sun in outer space
  6. Ivan Golubets---A Soviet who saved many lives aboard the SK-0121
  7. Vladimir Konovalov---A Soviet who had sank the German ship, Goya
  8. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya---A Soviet female who demonstrated bravery before her execution by the Nazis
  9. Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov---A Soviet naval officer, and People's Commissar of the Navy
  10. Nikolay Kuznetsov---A Soviet officer responsible for the assasinations of many high-ranked Nazis
  11. Lydia Litvyak---A Soviet who was the world's top female flying ace
  12. Alexander Matrosov---A Soviet who blocked a German machine-gun with his own body
  13. Ivan Panfilov---Soviet General
  14. Yakov Pavlov---A Soviet who led Soviet resistance during the Battle of Stalingrad
  15. Otto Schmidt---A Soviet scientist and explorer of the artic
  16. Lyubov Shevtsova---A Soviet who resisted Nazi occupation
  17. Ivan Sidorenko---A Soviet sniper with over 500 kills
  18. Lyudmila Pavlichenko---A Soviet sniper with 309 kills
  19. Natalya Meklin---A Soviet who completed over 980 missions
  20. Richard Sorge---A Soviet spy
  21. Valentina Tereshkova---A Soviet who was the first woman to fly in space
  22. Leen Kullman---A Sovietb spy
  23. Vasily Zaytsev---A Soviet sniper who killed 225 Axis during the Battle of Stalingrad
  24. Owen Brazil---A Soviet pilot
  25. Boris Yegorov---A Soviet who was the first physician in space
  26. Endel Inauri--A Soviet pilot
  27. Seymon Timoshenko---A Soviet officer of the Red Army
  28. Ivan Konev---A Soviet of the Soviet Union
  29. Azi Aslanov---Majour-General