The Type 5 is a Japanese ten-shot experimental semi-automatic rifle based on the M1 Garand.


The Type 5 is very much like an M1 Garand, except it's stripper clips and iron sights. Like the Lee Enfield, it is loaded in clips of 5. Because it is a prototype, only 250 were produced and not distributed sinced that it kepted on jamming and had a poor feed system.


During the 1920s, the Japanese had an interest in self-loading rifles. They created several prototypes of it, but none succeeded. During World War 2, the Japanese encountered the M1 Garand, an American self-loading rifle. This weapon only improved the prototypes, but it failed to meet the requirements for the M1 Garand replica. After the end of World War 2, the Type 5 weapon was scraped, but in the 1947, the Japanese army were issued M1 Garand rifles by the United States soldiers occupying Japan.